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Slideshow Vid bringing alive the evolution of the painting

‘Initially I was mapping found objects and creating ‘sculptural assemblages’ of an archetypal nature in Europe.

We may be near a point of no return but let us not give up all hope.

I do not go beach walking without looking down in all senses and hardly acknowledge nature’s beauty except that under my feet. Removing ‘stuff’ becomes an obsessive habit whilst my back and knees can tolerate it. My art practice is process-led so naturally work came out of the beach guardian pick ups.  I feel quite crazy in this world of plastic and its poison and it is reflected in my work.’ 

Debra Fear

Further details on my inspiration:

The  artist collector gathers seaborne trash off beaches and tried to extrapolate, in her unique way, the implications of humanity’s discards and despairs at the impact on the planet.
Identifying patterns an ironic fascination grows from the direct correlation between the synthetic and nature.
Seductive colours, forms and textures of twine, rope and degraded cabling mimic seaweeds and bottle caps accumulate with seashells in clusters.
An ability honed from experience reads the tidelines like a sea witch reading the sea and wind.
A connection to Jung’s collective unconscious is acknowledged and a synthesis occurs. My work projects into the future and into the past. It is seeded by research: the history and science of plastics polymers, tracking of environmental news and tries to form a philosophic contract from the illustrative incarnation of the simplistic composites. Delivers into the mainstream its own unique contemporary, environmental message relating to the natural and urban environment.

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