About Me

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Hi there, I’m Debra

Begin and build your art collection with me

Irish with a Masters degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London

Whether you have a small, medium or large space let’s co-create, curate and collaborate to feed your well-being as a patron of the arts.

Be the art collector you’ve always secretly wanted to be.

Master of Arts

Studied fine art disciplines from Foundation to Masters for over seven years.

I start each artwork with those building blocks, accumulative experience and with solid research principles.

Artist on a Mission

Experienced in imbibing my distinctiveness into artworks that have an uncanny ability to transmit a contemporary message ahead of their time.


I like to work with each client to ensure their artwork and curated collection fits character, tastes and, for course, decor. We’ll work out the commissioning process and cost before we even start.

Bespoke Art

Cooperation and communication are key to our collaboration in creating a collection/artwork bespoke for you. With my access to alumni networks our relationship can evolve with additions from other artists complimentary to your ethos.

Drop me a line!

I’m always looking for new creative challenges.

Talk about purchase, shipping of one of my awesome originals?

Let’s have a chat and see where it goes!

I’m accepting commissions through the rest of the year
Let’s co-create your collection.

Please drop me a line and we’ll get started!