Politics of Interconnectedness

The planet Plastikos is populated by conjoined plastispheres. A brutal, ever-morphing environment echoing past forms by mimicry in colourful displays. Formerly Terra its sun is expanding into a red giant and the oceans are evaporating leaving rock, ruins and our plastics industry legacy. Life as we know it has ceased to exist. This process was exacerbated by human instigated climate change and each painting from ‘Politics of Interconnectedness’ collection holds a story set in this future. A sci-fi re-genesis of a warped Eden: a parasitic, plastic infested world. As the planet gradually heated up the plastics deformed into strange, runcible shapes. For some their colloidal state is by its nature thermodynamically unstable resulting in the forms forced into remoulding, dependent on merging with others for their continued existence. These formations/assemblages form part of the universe, as much as a rock or star or the now extinct homo sapiens were, and plug into the mythologies of the collective unconscious. This includes remembrance of prior synthetic forms like single use razors, of woodgrain, of birds that flew and flora and fauna reproduction. Post-humanity: empty replicants are heading towards Doomsday. This is ironically expressed in the use of synthetic plastic acrylic paint by the artist. If you wish to know the specific conceptual story behind a painting please ask.