Art of Debra Fear

For Debra 2018 was a year dominated by her project
 Politics of Interconnectedness 

  • Each painting begins with the #motherpaint to create the composition
  • #motherpaint links each painting. It is created from excess, plastic acrylic left over on the palette: to prevent mould spores it is restarted from a dab and new paint added to a new, sealable receptacle.
  • Once applied on the surface it is covered by fresh paint and gel/varnish medium #motherpaint means that each work stands on the shoulders of the others that came before, like a starter when making sourdough bread It is part of the regenesis of form, colour and texture.
  • Most paintings are on deep-edge canvases: paint creeps around the edges. The synthetic quality is emphasised with the gloss finish.

Other components of her art practice:
Moving Image and Sound