Art of Debra Fear

The #motherpaint links each painting.  It is created from excess paint as a painting is created. Each painting begins with the #motherpaint to create the composition.  It has been a mid-teal colour, though its child, which is a back-up, had gone from brown to grey. The use of #motherpaint means that each work stands on the head of the others that came before like a starter dough when making bread. 
It is a regenesis and a core part of my painting practice.
See the process in action or use the link at the bottom for #artistintheattic.

I have an expansive art practice/extensive archives (including film, sound, written, mixed media and ongoing projects) please use the links below to access specific mediums 😀

Moving Image and Sound
Politics of Interconnectedness 
Mixed media … coming shortly

Commissions considered