About Me

Debra Fear is Anglo-Irish with a Masters degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London and has had work shown at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Follow me on @debzoid on Instagram 🙂

photo of Debra Fear

Debra expresses stories formed as she gathers seaborne trash off beaches of Cascais, Portugal and Weymouth,UK. She tries to comprehend, in her unique way, the implications of humanity’s discards and despairs for the impact on wildlife in our self-created extinction. 

‘I suspect we have hit the point of no return.
I do not see the beauty of the sea or enjoy walking beach tidelines anymore. I am always looking down in all senses. Removing ‘stuff’ is now an obsessive habit whilst my back and knees can tolerate it. It is a process-led project enfolded into beings. I feel quite mad about this world of plastic and poison.’