About Me

photo of Debra Fear
Debra Fear is Anglo-Irish with a Masters degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London and has had work shown at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Follow me on @debzoid on Instagram ðŸ™‚

‘Selfie in the Future on Some Wall’
Who is Debzoid?  
She is avatar for Debra Fear: Arte Difettoso & Fearku Mistress

An avid sci-fi fan from a young age Iexpress an Irish storytelling tradition through my work. Each painting begins with the #motherpaint to create the composition linking each painting. Each work stands on the shoulders of the others, like a starter when making sourdough bread. It is created from excess, plastic acrylic and stored in a small receptacle. To prevent mould spores proliferating into their own life forms it is re-started with a dab and often a gel/varnish medium is applied emphasising the synthetic quality of the marks. It is part of a regenesis of form, colour and texture.

Me, as the artist collector, gathers seaborne trash off beaches and tried to extrapolate, in my unique way, the implications of humanity’s discards and despairs at the impact on the planet. Identifying patterns an ironic fascination grows from the direct correlation between the synthetic and nature. Seductive colours, forms and textures of twine, rope and degraded cabling mimic seaweeds and bottle caps accumulate with seashells in clusters. An ability honed from experience reads the tidelines like a fisherwoman reading the sea and wind. A connection to Jung’s collective unconscious is acknowledged. Synthesis occurs from OODA loop thinking – observe/orient/decide/action. My work projects a future. It is seeded by research: the history and science of plastics polymers, tracking of environmental news and tries to form a philosophic contract from the illustrative incarnation of the simplistic composites.
Delivers into the mainstream its own unique message. 

“Environmental art is art addressing social and political issues relating to the natural and urban environment and Debra adds sci-fi motifs into the alchemy.”